When Downtime Is Not an Option, Rapid Response Is a Must, and Quick Resolution is Required, Xceed Networks Delivers

Xceed Networks is a one stop shop…PLUS no long automated message to reach a technician, prompt responses, and quick problem resolution! While Xceed Networks may not be “the cheapest IT consultants in town”, we do know they are the best we’ve worked with in the last 10+ years, and we’ve worked with a few! Their attention, rapid response, and problem resolution keeps us from experiencing more downtown – downtown that neither we, nor our customers can afford! The most important benefits to our organization are the responsiveness, quality of service, and professionalism of Xceed Networks – its owner and staff! We pride ourselves on being responsive to customer needs and requests, but we’ve learned a lot more since working with Xceed – they’re like the USPS – Neither snow nor rain nor heat, rather neither power outage, nor minor/major ‘crisis’, nor weekend, nor weeknight will keep Xceed Networks from the swift completion of their services!

Dawne W. Executive Vice President

Xceed Networks Consistently Delivers A Complete “WOW” Experienced!

We know at all times Xceed Networks value our business and operate with integrity. We like most their timeliness, friendliness of service, quality of work performed, reliability and honesty. Xceed Networks consistently deliver a complete “WOW” experience!

Chris S. Partner

We Completely Trust Xceed Networks to Provide Fast, Accurate and Great Results

We selected Xceed Networks over several larger firms to provide comprehensive IT support for our 200 plus employee firm. Without question, Mr. Davis’ performance (and that of his team), was simply outstanding, professional, and importantly, accurate and timely. Xceed Networks takes time to fully understand the needs and goals of his clients; works with them to ensure that the IT solution provided is appropriate for the needs of the firm, rather than their wants. Importantly, Mr. Davis is extremely knowledgeable about his craft, which gives one a great sense of confidence in him and his team. I recommend Mr. Davis highly, and without reservation. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Emmanuel B. CEO

We Have Grown with Xceed Networks Always Focusing on Our Business Goals

Xceed Networks has always been attuned to my goals for growth of HRP and pushing information to our client base. When I explain my goals or operational needs, Xceed Networks has never failed to provide me excellent I.T. AND business recommendations.

Leslie C. HR Consultant

We Always Receive Prompt and Excellent Customer Service Through Xceed Networks

Besides meeting federal IT compliance guidelines, HMA now has a more robust and reliable IT system in place that allows our employees to work quickly and efficiently from anywhere. We always receive prompt and excellent IT customer service through Xceed Networks. Whether it’s a minor issue like retrieving an earlier version of a file or something more significant like federal IT compliance, we always trust Xceed to help us solve our IT needs quickly and efficiently. Whenever we reach out to Xceed for assistance, they always display respect, patience and professionalism.

Carlos V. President

How One CEO Gained More Time, Increased Productivity and Worries Less about their Business Operations

The single biggest benefit we have since working with Xceed Networks is consistent up-time with minimum disruptions. We have quality backups with no loss of critical data and easy access to our data across various platforms (Windows Desktop at the office, MacBook at home office, iPhone and iPad). As an IT Professional by trade, who stills like to tinker, I just don’t have the time to focus on the business and fix IT issues so the biggest personal benefit is time. We all are given the same 24 hours in a day. What you do with it determines where you go and how fast you get there if you get there at all!

Derrick W. CEO